Older Adults May Need Help Overcoming Holiday Blues

Older Adults May Need Help Overcoming Holiday Blues

many older adults, the holiday season can trigger melancholy as they think
about lost loved ones, struggle with health issues or worry about money

is some advice to help overcome the seasonal blues:

  • Get out and socialize or
         invite family and friends over.  Those
         who find it hard to get around should ask relatives and others for help
         traveling to parties and events.
  • Volunteering can help
         improve mood.  Contact the local
         community organizations or call local schools or religious organizations
         to ask about opportunities nearby.
  • Don't drink too much
         alcohol because it can actually lower your spirits.
  • Accept the fact that many
         people feel blue during the holidays and there is nothing wrong with not
         being "merry."
  • Talking to someone about
         your feelings may help you understand the reasons why you feel sad.
  • Watch for warning signs of
         depression.  While holiday blues are
         temporary and mild, depression is more serious.  Signs of depression include: persistent
         sadness; lack of interest; frequent crying; changes in appetite, weight or
         sleep; constant feelings of fatigue, restlessness, worthlessness, or
         guilt; suicidal thoughts.
  • If you're depressed,
         contact your health-care provider.  Depression
         is treatable.

are tips for family members, caregivers and friends whose older loved ones are
experiencing sadness during the holidays:

  • Invite them out and to
         gatherings.  Remember to take into
         account their needs, such as transportation or special diets.
  • Lend a hand by offering
         to help with shopping and preparations for get-togethers in their homes.
  • Encourage them to talk
         about their feelings.  Acknowledge
         their sadness, including a sense of loss if family or friends have died or
         moved away.
  • Suggest your loved one
         talk with a health-care provider.  Many
         older people don't realize when they're depressed. Let your loved one know
         depression is a medical illness and there's no shame in having it.

Information adapted from article by the American Geriatrics
Society in Health Day News, November 28, 2009.

If you would like more information on Older Adults May
Need Help Overcoming Holiday Blues
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